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Basketball shoes

As a basketball enthusiast, basketball equipment, especially basketball shoes, is also my focus. In recent years, with its own R&D innovation and breakthroughs in the field of new material technology, domestic basketball shoes have made great progress.

In addition to considering actual combat functions when designing, domestic basketball shoes have also begun to consider more fashion needs such as daily wear, and place more emphasis on and highlight the local design language, striving to bring unparalleled basketball to the wearer both on and off the court. Feel.


Combining personal basketball sports and experience in purchasing domestic actual basketball shoes, the following details the required performance characteristics of domestic actual basketball shoes, the structural design of domestic actual basketball shoes, and how to choose the one that suits you based on factors such as foot shape, court position, and venue. Domestic practical basketball shoes and other specific knowledge about domestic practical basketball shoes, I hope it can be inspiring and helpful for everyone to choose domestic practical basketball shoes that suit you.

If you don’t want to read the friends in front, you can directly read the recommended purchasing guide below. After reading the entire article, you will have a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of domestic actual basketball shoes, and you will also have a better understanding of choosing domestic actual basketball shoes that suit you.

The following is a detailed introduction to the knowledge points and purchasing tips of domestically produced basketball shoes to help you choose domestically produced basketball shoes that suit you.

1. Required performance characteristics of domestic actual basketball shoes

As a sport that emphasizes physical confrontation, basketball naturally has high requirements for the performance of basketball shoes. A pair of qualified and professional basketball shoes is not only comfortable to wear, but also fully demonstrates its performance during continuous running, jumping and passing. The following describes the required performance characteristics of basketball shoes from the aspects of wrapping, stability, cushioning, stability, breathability and wear resistance.



Sudden stops, starts and sudden changes of direction are very common in basketball, so basketball shoes need good wrapping to fix the feet and protect the ankles. Basketball shoes with good wrapping will keep the feet firmly in the shoes and not follow the movements. And twisting occurs and leads to sprained feet.


Breathability is the most basic functional attribute required for a pair of basketball shoes. Compared with the previous pure leather upper design, most of the uppers now use new materials, which basically have good heat dissipation and breathability properties. Basketball enthusiasts who have heavy foot sweating are advised to choose basketball shoes with superior breathability when choosing basketball shoes. This way, when playing basketball, poor ventilation will not cause serious foot sweating, which will affect the comfort of the basketball shoes and personal playing performance.


Shoes grip
Shoes grip

Basketball shoes require strong grip to facilitate high-intensity work such as sudden sudden stops and changes of direction. The quality of grip is generally measured by the outsole pattern. The outsole pattern design of each sports brand’s basketball shoes will be different. Generally, they have good grip, but there will be differences. You can take a closer look when choosing basketball shoes.

Wear resistance

Like breathability, abrasion resistance is an essential attribute required of basketball shoes. In reality, many basketball enthusiasts usually play basketball on cement or plastic floors. Compared with wooden floors, the wear resistance requirements for basketball shoes will be higher at this time. Therefore, when choosing basketball shoes, you need to choose basketball shoes with more wear-resistant outsoles. Generally speaking, rubber outsoles or upgraded rubber outsoles have better wear resistance. At the same time, the thickness of the outsole will also affect the wear resistance. It is recommended to look carefully when making specific choices.


Basketball requires constant running and jumping. These movements will put a lot of pressure on the legs, especially the knees, so the cushioning performance of basketball shoes is particularly important. Basketball shoes with good cushioning properties can effectively reduce the impact of landing and reduce the frequency of knee injuries. Basketball shoe cushioning generally uses materials with good shock-absorbing properties. In addition to using material for shock-absorbing, Nike also adds its own patented shock-absorbing air cushion to basketball shoes to reduce landing impact and cushion the shock. role.


In my personal opinion, the stability of basketball shoes has a more comprehensive meaning, which can be said to cover several important features such as wrapping, support and cushioning. To put it simply, the stability of basketball shoes can specifically refer to good in-shoe wrapping, superior upper support, excellent midfoot and lateral anti-twist and anti-rollover properties, and solid stability of the heel. A pair of basketball shoes with good stability will greatly reduce the possibility of injury during basketball, greatly alleviate the impact of landing, effectively resist torsion and protect the ankle, and continue to provide stable and excellent performance.


Personally, the protective nature of basketball shoes mainly refers to two aspects of protection: one is the cushioning to reduce landing impact and prevent knee injuries, and the other is the excellent overall anti-torsion properties required to prevent ankle injuries. Cushioning has been mentioned above, so I won’t go into details here. Let’s talk specifically about the anti-torsion properties of basketball shoes.

In basketball, every sudden stop and change of direction or rapid foot movement will deform the individual’s feet and the basketball upper. At this time, basketball shoes need to have an excellent anti-torsion system to provide stable support and balance for the entire pair of shoes. Protects the entire foot from injury.

2. Structural analysis of domestic actual basketball shoes

Like other sports footwear, basketball shoes can be roughly divided into several parts according to their structure: upper, upper, midsole, outsole (outsole), heel, toe, collar, tongue and shoelaces. The structure and function are also different.


Traditional basketball shoes mostly use leather uppers. For ventilation needs, ventilation holes are densely covered on the front of the shoe. With the advancement of technology and the development and application of new materials, the uppers of basketball shoes now mostly use engineered mesh, which is both breathable and supportive. It is better in all aspects such as ductility. And compared with the single-material basketball uppers in the past, many now use multi-material stitching uppers. The functional zones of the uppers are clearer, which is not only comfortable to wear, but also more conducive to performance on the court.


Unlike other sports shoes, which are generally low-top shoes, basketball shoes have three different upper designs, namely high-top, mid-top and low-top. The high-top design of basketball shoes will provide better ankle protection. In the past, most players would choose high-top basketball shoes, but high-top basketball shoes are also a bit bulky, especially for players who are known for their speed. They just reach the ankle. Mid-top basketball shoes are a better choice. Although the ankle protection effect is not as good as high-top or mid-top basketball shoes, most basketball enthusiasts now choose low-top basketball shoes to wear and play.


Also as the core of basketball shoes, the midsole plays a cushioning role. In the past, basketball shoes mostly used midsoles made of EVA. With the advancement of technology and the widespread application of new materials, basketball shoes now mostly use midsoles made of newer materials, such as the Nike REACT foam midsoles and Adidas BOOST midsoles that everyone has heard of in recent years. Li Ning Technology midsole, Anta Nitrogen Technology midsole, etc. At the same time, in order to achieve better cushioning effect, some sports brands will add other cushioning materials or technologies to the new material technology midsole. The most famous one is Nike. Zoom air cushion is also a magic weapon of Nike basketball shoes.


For basketball shoes, the function of the outsole or outsole is to grip the ground, be non-slip and wear-resistant, so the outsole is generally made of rubber. In addition to the full-length covering outsole, some basketball shoes now also have redesigned key friction areas, especially the front and rear palm areas, which are more in line with the characteristics of basketball itself and allow the basketball shoes themselves to function better . In addition, different outsole patterns will also be designed on the basketball outsole pattern. In addition to the traditional “herringbone” pattern, there are also other outsole pattern designs such as water ripples. The main function is to better Anti-slip, while extending the service life of basketball shoes to a certain extent.


The main function of the heel is to fix the heel and prevent the heel from sliding. Because when basketball sports suddenly stops and turns, the instant torsional deformation of basketball shoes will be relatively large, so the heel of basketball shoes needs a strong fixing force. Traditionally, hard TPU is generally used to surround the heel to enhance heel stability, and other styles of designs are also used. In short, they are all to enhance heel stability and prevent the heel from sliding, thereby reducing the possibility of sprained feet and other injuries.

Toe cap

The toe is the front part of a basketball shoe. Generally, the outsole of basketball shoes will extend to the toe. At the same time, in order to enhance the anti-collision properties and give the forefoot more internal free space, basketball shoes are usually also made inside the toe. Some supports to fix the toe and protect the toes.

Shoe mouth

The shoe collar is the opening of the basketball shoe. It is mainly used to facilitate the putting on and taking off of the basketball shoe, and it also plays a certain role in fixing the foot. Some basketball shoes will use an inner boot design, so the position of the shoe opening may be different. When wearing such basketball shoes with an inner boot design, you still need to pay attention to the position of the shoe opening.


The tongue is mainly design to make it easier to put on and take off basketball shoes and fix the instep. Most basketball shoes use an integrated tongue. Some also have a pull-up design for easy fastening. It has good breathable coverage and is relatively comfortable and stable.


Shoelaces are mainly used to fix the tongue so that the foot is firmly wrapped inside the basketball shoe. Nowadays, most basketball shoes use elastic shoelaces, which are not only non-slip and wear-resistant, but also have a good fixation effect. There are also special tips for tying shoelaces. If they are tied properly, they can fix the shoe tongue and the foot, and at the same time provide good wrapping and stability.

3. How to choose practical basketball shoes that suit you

How to choose practical basketball shoes that suit you? You can focus on three aspects: foot shape, court position and playing surface.

1. Foot shape

According to the classification of foot types, people’s feet can be roughly divided into three categories. Greek feet, Egyptian feet and Roman feet. The foot shape of Asians is mostly Egyptian. The characteristic of this foot shape is that the big toe is the longest. The other toes decrease in sequence, forming a diagonal line.

Foot Shape
Foot Shape

Therefore, when choosing basketball shoes, it is best to measure your foot data first. Including foot length, foot width and foot circumference. After knowing your foot data, you can choose basketball shoes that suit you based on the specific data of your feet.

In addition to foot shape, you should also pay attention to the arch type when choosing basketball shoes. Arch types are usually divided into normal arch, high arch and low arch.

Compared with normal arches, those with high arches will have an arched shape. When the heel hits the ground, and have poor cushioning ability. Over time, they may easily cause discomfort in the knees, hip joints and other parts of the foot.

File Photo
File Photo

The second is low arches, which is what we usually call low flat feet or flat feet. When basketball fans with low arches put on basketball shoes, the arch of their feet will generally be squeezed and impacted. They will feel obviously uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time. If you have a clear low arch, that is, flat feet. It is recommend not to choose basketball shoes with a large arc in the arch when choosing basketball shoes. In addition, you can also choose special flat-foot insoles when wearing basketball shoes, which will be easier to wear.

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