Baseball Jacket, I have been waiting for you for a century


In 1942, in “Changing Clothes”, Zhang Ailing said, “Each of us lives in our own clothes.”

79 years later, as consumerism prevails, more and more consumers have the same thinking as Zhang Ailing about “what to wear”:

“You are what you wear”, dressing is the most direct expression of self.

Fashion jacket Photo
Fashion jacket Photo

People began to pursue products with unique accents and wanted to express their attitude towards fashion and even life. Today’s general trend of “retroversion” is the embodiment of this pursuit.

Baseball jackets are an enduring “top trend” in the retro cultural circle. Today, the editor will take you back in history to dig into the secrets of the popularity of baseball jackets.

Baseball jacket/accent synonymous with

The baseball jacket, blessed by the two “head cultures” of “American campus + street hip-hop”, has almost become a cultural symbol for a certain period of time.

Fashion jacket Photo
Fashion jacket Photo

The name of the baseball jacket in the United States is “Varsity Jacket”, which literally translates to “Varsity Jacket”.

This is a type of clothing derived from athletes’ uniforms, originating from Harvard University; later on, it was widely used on American campuses to reward students with outstanding achievements in sports, art, etc.

On the left chest of this type of jacket, the initials of the school are usually embroidered, carrying a unique honor

In the late last century, as “college style” became popular, baseball jackets were targeted by hip-hop culture.

In 1983, Michael Jackson, the influential king of Western pop music, appeared in his first feature music video “Thriller” wearing a baseball jacket

Fashion jacket Photo
Fashion jacket Photo

Subsequently, hip-hop trendsetters such as NWA and Run-DMC began to wear this jacket. They also changed the woolen cloth surface to a more unruly full leather surface. The baseball jacket has since been labeled as “street culture” The popularity of the label soared▼

Fashion jacket Photo
Fashion jacket Photo

21st century

In the 21st century, the fabrics, materials, and designs of baseball jackets have been play with more tricks by the fashion circle.

For example, adding embroidery and silk elements, the baseball jacket suddenly becomes colorful, and it is ten levels of difficulty to control

Fashion jacket Photo
Fashion jacket Photo

The unique Yokosuka souvenir style above may be something that not many children’s shoes dare to wear out on the street. It has been popular for two years and has gradually declined. It can be see that you have to be down-to-earth when playing with your accent~

Today’s more everyday style is integrate with the air force jacket: exaggerate large patterns are remove, the comfortable knitted collar is retaine, and the leather surface is change to lighter and stain-resistant nylon or functional fabrics.

The baseball jacket, which focuses on casual style, has crossed over into the business field ▼

Baseball jacket/layering expert

The baseball jacket’s timeless status in the fashion world is also inseparable from its attributes of “both styling and practicality . “

Because of its neat and capable tailoring, the baseball jacket is very suitable for the most popular layering method in recent years.

Wear a hooded sweatshirt

It is warm and full of energy at the same time. The sweatshirts with high color saturation at home can be “save” by a dark baseball jacket▼

varsity jacket
varsity jacket

Create your own style by adjusting trousers, accessories and other items.

For example, wear overalls and boots for a “high street concept”; or wear khaki pants, white shoes, a top hat, or a baseball jacket to create a casual yuppie look▼

If you like Japanese retro children’s shoes, don’t miss this combination.

A washed denim shirt and a brown baseball jacket collide with the atmosphere of the old times; a suit or vest of the same color as the jacket, paired with a white shirt underneath, makes you look like a fashionista from a Japanese drama▼

Men’s and women’s clothing

With the popularity of oversize style, baseball jackets are favore by more and more girls. They are the most popular sweet and cool girls nowadays, no doubt ▼

varsity jacket
varsity jacket

In this early spring when it’s warm but still cold, buy a favorite baseball jacket. Use its nearly century-old fashion vitality to add color to your outfit~

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