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On October 25, 1994, the operator of the Union City Police Department in South Carolina received a police call. The person reporting the crime was a woman named Susan Smith. She told the police in a very urgent and tearful tone that she had Two children were kidnapped just now. This one of story is from trails carolina horror stories

Susan told the police that she was driving through a traffic light intersection with her two children. While waiting for the light to turn green, a gangster with a gun rushed out.

At first, the gangster wanted money, but Susan didn’t have any money, so the gangster forced her out of the car and sped away with the two children in the car.

After understanding the general situation, the police immediately rushed to Susan’s home. The mother was in great pain, half-leaning on the sofa and crying bitterly.

Susan told the police that of her two children who were abducted, her elder brother was Mike Smith (3 years old) and her younger brother was Alex Smith, who was only 18 months old. At that time, both children were frightened to tears by the unexpected gangsters. With the gun in the car, she could only open the door and let out the driver’s seat. She never expected that the gangster would take away the car and the people. In her memory, the gangster was a black man with a strong build. She could not provide any other details accurately. .

Two missing children, story from trails carolina horror stories
Two missing children, story from trails carolina horror stories

Two children were kidnapp in broad daylight, causing public outcry.

This kind of thing is so outrageous and eye-catching that the kidnapping case has been covered by the media the next day, and even the national TV station has followed up. Most of the time, the mother expressed her satisfaction. She appeared on TV with tears on her face, and kept praying to God to bless the gangster and let her child go home.

Her ex-husband David Smith was originally oppos to this matter. He was worry that the impact would be too great. And would make the gangsters want to fight against each other. However, Susan felt that doing so would help more people and arouse the gangsters’ sympathy.

Susan Smith appears on TV report, story from trails carolina horror stories
Susan Smith appears on TV report, story from trails carolina horror stories

On the evening of the 26th, hundreds of citizens in Union City spontaneously set up a citizen search team and searched carefully in every place in the city. Even the priests in the church held prayer activities. Countless people stayed up all night for the two children.

The social impact

The social impact was huge, and the police received a lot of letters from the outside world. As the investigation deepened, some doubts slowly surfaced.

Doubtful point one: According to Susan, when she was robbed, she stopped and waited for the red light to turn green. However, the police found that the traffic lights at this intersection were intelligently adjusted traffic lights . If Susan’s statement that “there were no other vehicles around” at the time of the crime is true. Yes, then there is no need to wait for the traffic light, it will automatically turn green.

Doubt 2: If the main purpose of the gangster is money, then the purpose of taking the child away is to ask for a price. Based on this, the police follow the process of handling many kidnapping cases and closely monitor. The phone calls to Susan’s home after Susan report the crime. , but nothing was found for a week in a row. The gangster seemed to have no intention of using the two children for his own benefit. This is not consistent with the behavior and motivation of the kidnapper .

Suspicious point three: Through investigation, the police found that Susan and her ex-husband had always had a bad relationship, and that she had a close lover (found in letters), and the two had lived together a long time ago.

The fourth doubt is that a gangster could hijack a car openly on the street without any witnesses . This is contrary to common sense. This “black-clad gangster” only appeared in Suan’s mouth from beginning to end.

Although he is unwilling to turn his attention to this poor mother who lost her child. These doubts must be solve, and the investigation of Susan has been carry out secretly.

November 3, 1994

On November 3, 1994, Susan Smith came to the Union Police Department and claimed that she had killed two children. This time she surrendered.

At first, the police thought Susan did this because she blamed herself too much. B

ut the subsequent investigation results shocked everyone.

Susan told the police with a calm expression that the car and the children were in John Lance Lake. There was a large slope there, and she pushed the car into the lake at that time. The two children were tie with seat belts and were asleep at the time.

At noon that day, the police conducted a search at John Lance Lake. The red Mazda that Susan said was “hijack” was indeed salvage, along with two children.

Mike sat in the passenger seat of the car. Alex sat in the back, both tightly secured by seat belts.

Another strong evidence is that someone saw Susan driving this red Mazda in the direction of Lake John Lance.

Susan Smith was formally arrest, story from trails carolina horror stories
Susan Smith was formally arrest, story from trails carolina horror stories

On July 22, 1995, Susan’s sentence was officially announc. This “evil mother” who killed her son did not sit on the electric chair. She was sentence to life imprisonment, but she could be parole after thirty years.

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