Why is my mouth still full of plaque after brushing every day?


Brushing your teeth is a skill. If you brush your teeth carefully, you will have no worries about your oral health and teeth plaque!


Is your mouth healthy?

Four standards of health:

1. No oral pain or discomfort;

2. No cavities or other oral diseases;

3. Able to chew, speak, swallow normally;

4. Ability to meet normal social interactions and personal image requirements.

Most people have 28 teeth , and each tooth needs to be brushed on three sides. If you calculate that each side takes two seconds, 28 teeth need to be brushed for at least three minutes.

Therefore, the time required for maximum cleaning effect of brushing is 3-5 minutes. More than 5 minutes will not improve the effect of removing dental plaque. Brushing time of less than 3 minutes will have no effect on removing plaque in areas that are difficult to reach with bristles. reach, so the brushing time is propose to be three minutes.

Teeth Plaque
Teeth Plaque

However, many people brush their teeth just to freshen their breath, and more importantly, to remove plaque and maintain oral hygiene.

Generally speaking, after the tooth surface is clean, it takes about 8 hours for the remaining plaque to return to the level before brushing, so you need to start brushing again after 8 hours. This is why even if you brush your teeth before going to bed, you still have to brush your teeth again after getting up even though you haven’t eaten anything at night.

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