Logitech MX BRIO camera review, the first choice for high-quality personal cameras!

Logitech MX BRIO

The desktop computer provided by the company has to be equipped with a camera. Although I occasionally use my own laptop for office emergencies, the picture quality of the camera is not enough, and there is no way to adjust the angle. It is very awkward and uncomfortable to use, which makes remote working and The quality of meetings suffers greatly. Let’s get a review about Logitech MX BRIO.

For example, images and sounds are not clear, information interaction often goes wrong, and communication fluency is hindered. It can also give people a sense of alienation blocked by the screen, which seems inappropriate and unreal.

Therefore, high-quality image and sound transmission is needed, so that even if you are thousands of miles away, you can still see each other as if you were face to face. This is the core purpose of remote working and meetings.

After all, relying on business trips or gathering everyone together for meetings is too tiring and exhausting, so work requires more relaxed methods.

A camera like the Logitech MX BRIO that I recently bought can solve these problems very well.

When choosing Logitech MX BRIO, I also shopped around. After all, I am in the workplace, so there are quite a few factors to consider.

The most important reasons are two points.

One is high-end business attributes, and the other is 4K high-quality video! Can play in all scenarios in the workplace and self-media.

Logitech MX BRIO camera
Logitech MX BRIO camera

Of course, Logitech’s brand is also a plus. Whether it’s the past era of PC hardware office work or the new era of Internet remote office, they are really good at creating efficient and high-quality office supplies and have always been at the forefront of the industry. the forefront.

I have been using Logitech MX BRIO for a while, and I feel that remote working and meetings have become as in-person as before, which is not too convenient.

How is your hands-on experience with the Logitech MX BRIO camera?

1. Appearance design

This Logitech MX BRIO camera has a minimalist and compact appearance design, with a rectangular outline and a lens that protrudes like a big eye in the center. It has a strong business atmosphere and is highly recognizable. There are symmetrically distributed pixels on both sides of the lens. Two dual-beam forming microphones, as well as Logitech’s logo and work breathing light, are paired with a silver-gray color scheme, which makes it look very calm and low-key. It can be harmonious and versatile in any office scene.


The back cover has a matte texture and is delicate. The USB Type-C interface is centrally arranged and is used to transmit image and sound data from the camera. The data cable is very thick to ensure absolute synchronization and low latency of the image and sound.

The base is a simple magnetic stand that can be rotated to adjust the shooting angle and is also detachable. The measured magnetic force is very strong, so there is no need to worry about it falling off during daily use.


The base is a three-stage design that can be transformed into a stand and placed on the table for direct use. It can also be fastened to the upper jaw of the monitor, using the adhesive at the end of the stand to attach it to the monitor and serve as the monitor’s camera.

In addition, after the camera and magnetic bracket are disassembled, there is an embedded wire at the bottom of the camera, which can be installed on a floor stand and used as a shooting and recording artifact. It is also very friendly for self-media shooting needs.

2. Image quality performance

Logitech MX BRIO is equipped with an 8.5MP Sony STARVIS sensor, which has a strong ability to restore details and capture clear and sharp images. It can support up to 4K/30fps, 1080p/60fps video recording, and the shooting field of view can reach – 65°/ 78°/90° ensures high-quality video recording even in low-light conditions, which is also very suitable for live broadcasts.

Logitech MX BRIO also has an AI light correction function. Even if the remote software you use does not have a beauty function, the camera’s AI will drive the built-in RightLight 5 image system to automatically correct the ambient light through the facial avatar enhancement function, so Even in complex ambient light or dark light conditions, it can always provide you with more natural and realistic picture quality.

Of course, the autofocus function is also essential on Logitech MX BRIO. This is different from many point-and-shoot lenses on the market. It is equip with the RightSight image system, which can automatically detect the user’s face and body image, thereby automatically framing the view and positioning the user. In the center of the image, users can always stay in the center of the screen, whether they are standing to speak or communicating with gestures.

3. Dual beamforming microphone technology

With image performance, of course, it is also inseparable from the cooperation of sound. Logitech MX BRIO is equip with dual beamforming microphones. It uses the time difference of the dual microphones to collect sound waves, determines the spatial position between the sound source and the microphone, and calculates a beamformer. , only receives the signal from the sound source, thereby eliminating noise and echo, and enhances the received signal, making the user’s voice louder and clearer in remote meetings with more interference.

With the blessing of this technology, Logitech MX BRIO can easily achieve high-quality sound pickup within a range of 1.2 meters.

4. Display mode

In normal remote working, meetings, and live broadcasts, we often encounter work and product displays to enhance the exchange of information. Of course, Logitech MX BRIO has also taken this issue into consideration. You only need to tilt the camera downwards. It is very simple and convenient to display sketches, work in progress, or items you want to show fans during live broadcasts. It can be call an artifact for remote working and live broadcasts.

5. Privacy and security

Of course, as a personal camera, privacy and security are also essential. The safest and most effective way is to directly physically isolate the camera. Many laptops are equip with physical lens picks. Logitech MX BRIO is for absolute simplicity. , instead of leaving a raised button. The lens switch is design as a dial. You only need to turn the dial on the periphery of the lens to physically turn the lens on and off. Which is very convenient.


Is the Logitech MX BRIO camera worth buying?

After using it for a week, I feel that whether it is the design, hardware configuration, or functional experience. It is absolutely C-level in this price range, and there is no substitute in the same dimension.

Overall, it can do almost anything in remote working, meetings, and live broadcasts.

To summarize, this Logitech MX BRIO camera has the following main highlights:

  1. The appearance is business-like and steady, low-key and versatile;
  2. Directly connect and ready to use, easy to get start;
  3. 4K ultra-high image quality and AI light correction create a scene atmosphere;
  4. Long-distance sound pickup, no seat adjustment required;
  5. Multi-angle adjustment, suitable for any scene;
  6. Work product display, all available;
  7. Safe and reliable, protecting privacy;

You can see these highlights, each of which accurately meets the high-quality needs of workplace users. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a tool for workplace offices, meetings, and self-media. Now is the spring promotion season. Dear workplace elites and executives, Self-media experts, hurry up and get on board!

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