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This article is for all HP EliteBook users.
to explain about HP EliteBook business notebook HP2560P HP2570P HP8460P HP8470P HP8560P HP8570P.
You may have just come into contact with HP‘s business models. At first, there are many unclear and familiar parts.
Please read this article
and make your own use of related models. You are also welcome to share your experiences and skills with me
and I will add them to this article.

Keyboard light switch

In the middle of the top of the screen are the camera and keyboard light.
The way the keyboard light is turned on is slightly different from the previous generation model.
You have to press the button in the middle for the keyboard light to pop up and emit white light.

HP EliteBook
HP EliteBook

Touchpad use

This series of HP models has good compatibility with universal drivers.
After installing the universal driver, sliding the touchpad up and down in the purple position can scroll the page up and down.
After installing the touchpad driver for this series of models, it can be recognized. For more complex gestures and to implement some customized settings,
the basic functions are as follows:
Swipe up and down on any position on the touchpad with two fingers to scroll up and down the page, as shown in the yellow position.
The touchpad area of ​​this series of models is relatively large and designed. The function of quickly switching the touchpad
can only be realized after installing the relevant driver
. The black dot in the yellow circle in the upper left corner of the touchpad can
be turned on by double-clicking to turn on the yellow light touchpad function. Double-click again to turn off the yellow light touchpad function.

HP EliteBook Keypad
HP EliteBook Keypad

Combination shortcut keys

After installing the model driver,
you can quickly adjust the screen brightness, sound volume, and other functions such as system hibernation, etc.
by pressing fn+f9, fn+f10, fn+f6, fn+f7 to quickly adjust the sound volume.

HP EliteBook Keypad
HP EliteBook Keypad

Shortcut keys in the upper right corner

From left to right, the first is the wireless switch, the second is the Internet browser, and the third is the sound switch.

How to open the battery and open the bottom cover

The picture below is an illustration of the bottom of the 14-inch model. The position of the lock is the same for the 14-inch and 15.6-inch models.
The 12.5-inch HP2560P and HP2570P are the other way around. Look at the icon next to the lock
as shown in the figure. The battery lock is turn to the left. Push the battery up to take out the battery.
Push the bottom cover lock to the right and push down to take out the bottom cover.

How to take out the memory

The picture below is not of this series of models, but the structural styles of the memory slots are common.
Use this picture to illustrate the contrast between the top and bottom, and it will be clearer.
After the memory is installed, the memory slot also uses two buckles to lock the memory.
This also ensures that This ensures the stability of the contact between the memory slot and the memory
. Therefore, when taking out the memory, the first thing is to open the two buckles with both hands at the same time.
Then the memory will pop up. Then you can pull out the memory in the opposite direction of the memory slot.

HP EliteBook Ram
HP EliteBook Ram

How to take out the optical drive

This series of HP models can expand a second hard drive through the optical drive bay.

The picture below shows how to take out the optical drive

As long as you open the bottom cover, you can find a fixing screw at the connection between the tail of the optical drive and the fuselage.

He has an icon on the side as shown below to help us find this screw

After loosening the screws, the optical drive can be push out.

How to solve the problem of abnormal shutdown caused by the optical drive bay

This is because different brands and models have different voltage requirements for the bracket.

The bracket is universal and there is no way to fix a value.

However, the manufacturer of bracket accessories also made a reservation for this

There is a pull button at the end of the bracket to adjust this value.

When a hard drive with a bracket install cannot be shut down normally

Find the pull button of the bracket as shown in the picture above and pull it to the other position.

Check again to see if there is still any abnormal shutdown. If not, it will be consider a success.

How to remove the optical drive panel to the bay panel

The optical drive tray is universal and does not come with optical drive panels for various brands of models.

Therefore, when expanding the optical drive bay and hard disk, the optical drive panel must be remove to the bracket for use.

Everyone understands this truth

But this operation requires a lot of skill

Here’s how to do it

When removing the optical drive from the fuselage, first let it pop out.

To pull the panel open from one side and identify the direction, it is the direction in the picture above.

In the other direction, use something to hold it up so that you can exert force.

As long as one button here comes out, the entire panel can be remove.

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